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MA 1711 Finite Math Fall 2015

Lecture meeting times: MWF 1-2 
Instructor: Sal Barone
Office: Skiles 024
Office hours: Mon Tues 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM and by appointment
email: sbarone7 at math.gatech.edu
Recitation meeting times: TTh 8-9  - TA Office: Skiles 230
Your TAs for Math 1711 in the Fall 2015 term will be (*office hours):
TA	(G1)	Sara Beagle	   	Skiles	257 *TBD
TA	(G2)	Pranav Shenoy	   	Skiles	254 *TBD
TA	(G4)	Aileen Pollitzer	Skiles  271 *TBD
 Students welcome at any TA office hours, not just for their TA 

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